Elephant (Limited Edition)


Special Limited Edition (Size 250x160x80mm + Personalised message) Elephants are such special animals; highly intelligent with complex social lives, living in close-bonded family groups and taking tender care of calves.  They experience a wide range of emotions such as joy, sorrow and anger and communicate these with a range of vocalisations, expressions and gestures. Due to their great size, elephants have unique physical needs and require large amounts of space, food and water to survive. This can lead to conflict with human communities as more and more land is taken over for agriculture. The ivory trade also poses a tremendous threat to the survival of these magnificent creatures, with thousands of elephants being brutally killed each year for their tusks. Born Free’s support for anti-poaching continues in Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Mali and Sierra Leone, not only against well-armed poachers, but to hold back the tide of deadly wire snares indiscriminately wiping out wild animals in their hundreds of thousands. Please help the Born Free Foundation save these majestic creatures from extinction by purchasing a block from this stunning range.

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